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“Ingres corporate culture without the corporation.”

Web based ExIngres services:

The ExIngres URL hotlist -- links to many former Ingres employees.
The ExIngres picture gallery --Pictures from our days at Ingres.
The ExIngres event list --Upcoming ExIngres event information!

Other ExIngres electronic services:

The ExIngres Mailing List

To find out more about the person responsible for ExIngres, take a look at Reb's home page or the Reb & Stef cafe. For information on ExIngres, please contact Reb via e-mail.

Contributions (photographs, memorabilia, etc.) and suggestions are encouraged!

ExIngres services other than this web page are for the exclusive use of former employees of Relational Technology and its descendents. Services are specifically not for use by “headhunters” or others in the information gathering business.

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